Human Resources

The success of any institution necessitates that its organizational structure, its strategy and its human resources are aligned together. Human Resources is an organized department that serves Amman Hospital by recruiting, orienting, evaluating and retaining the best qualified and most motivated staff available for all areas of the hospital. The departmental of this office aim to improve Amman hospital work environment and employee satisfaction and to provide better patient services.

HR Services

Improving the work environment by hiring and retaining better qualified employees and improving employee satisfaction are achieved through.

  • Advertising available position,
  • Maintaining job applications.
  • Assisting departments with screening & selection.
  • Defining job description.
  • Creating policies and procedures.
  • Designing a salary scale.
  • Running an orientation program for new hires.
  • Providing guidelines for employee evaluations.
  • Providing guidelines for employee competency tests.

Medical Records, Admission and Patient Administration

This department is an essential and efficient department at Amman Hospital. Patient records are accurate, complete and readily available in order to provide quality of medical care.


Efficiency and high quality of service are ensured through:

  • 24 hour service, 7 days a week.
  • Policies and procedures developed by the Medical Records department and approved by medical record committee, regarding proper creation, maintenance, ownership, retention, security and removal of patient medical records.
  • Monitor the implementation of policies and procedures of admission transfer and discharge process.
  • Organized patient charts filed systematically under medical record numbers for efficient data access.
  • Standardized forms for inpatient charts created by the Medical Records Committee.
  • Inpatient charts with clearly marked section dividers.
  • Reception- All reception employees trained on how to greet people and how to assist and interact with patients and visitors in a professional manner with particular attention to customer care.


Materials Management

As a vital part of Amman Hospital, Materials Management is very busy, efficiently providing Amman Hospital with supplies, equipment and medications. The department is responsible for purchasing, receiving, storing and distributing all medical and non-medical supplies as needed by the employees, to allow the hospital to run smoothly. The department must do so with cost effectiveness organization and full accountability for all items bought, stored and distributed.

Biomedical Engineering

The goal of Biomedical Engineering at Amman Hospital to ensure safety and efficiency by:
  • Overseeing all assessment, maintenance and repair of medical equipment, thereby reducing cost and machine downtime for more efficient hospital services.
  • Monitoring alert notices, hazard calls and recalls.
  • Investigating and reporting all equipment failures and user errors.
  • Running a medical equipment orientation and education program.
  • In coordination with manufacturers, fro in-house maintenance and repair of all equipment at the hospital.

Safety and Environmental Health

Hospital wide safety is the responsibility of the Safety office; the purpose of the office is to assure a safe environment fro patients, employees, medical staff, visitors, and other customers of Amman Hospital.
Main Activities of the Office:
  • Work as a team with Amman Hospital employees to implement safety procedures
  • Establish a well built infrastructure for securing a safe and healthy environment for patients, workers and visitors
  • Improve employee awareness in safety, fire and environmental health issues for visitors, employees and patients
  • Set policies and procedure to control safety and environmental issues in the hospital
  • Assure proper management of hazardous materials
  • Audit implementation of safety plans
  • Organize mock incidents and evacuation
  • Assure maintenance of equipment used within the hospital
  • Gather data and analyze medical waste quantities
  • Investigate and analyze incidents occurring within the hospital
  • Prepare periodic reports regarding safety and environmental health status